A lot of people always ask me how did i start posting pictures of my feet, and how did my blog start. Well, i thought it would be a good idea to explain it better here...

I started my personal blog ilsealcorta.tumblr.com on July, 2011, where i used to upload lots of personal pictures, many self portraits and just random things, only my pictures, i never re-blogged anything, it was just my personal little space.



Then in the beginning of September 2011, i posted this picture:

Apparently it caught the attention of a popular feet blog in Tumblr, they reblogged my picture and suddenly i started getting loads of requests for feet pictures. I was very surprised at first, i never thought my feet were anything special, it was very flattering to know so many people wanted to see my feet, so i started taking pictures with my webcam...


The quality was obviously not very good at all, but some people seemed to enjoy it. Someone then sent me a message about an Amazon wishlist, he wanted me to get one so he could send me expensive shoes for me to model for him, up until then i didn't even know those lists existed. I obviously got all excited and got one list in December, but he just never wrote back to me anymore... haha.  So, to those people who think i started doing this because of gifts, you're wrong, i never thought that was even a possibility. I was posting pictures for 5 months straight without ever receiving anything, and i still loved doing it. I received my first gift on January, i got all excited! haha. Yes, i love getting gifts, but i also love posting pictures of my feet for all of you who like them, it's a win-win for me. 😉

Also, the requests for videos came, and so i uploaded my first YouTube video on the 13th of November, 2011. 🙂 The requests started pouring in from my Youtube channel and from my blog, requests for videos and for pictures. I was so happy and flattered to be getting this much attention.

Most of my followers seemed to really enjoy my posts, but not everyone though... I was posting all of this on my personal blog, and the rest of my followers who weren't into feet started to get annoyed by all my feet posts... So i started a blog to post my feet only. myfeetblog.tumblr.com, i started that blog on December, and it was well received. 🙂

With all of these requests, the requests for high quality pictures was heavy, i was only using my webcam and my iphone for most of my posts, so the quality was very low. So, i started saving my money and was able to buy my awesome Canon T2i, i was super excited to get a professional camera! 🙂 My very first.

And well, here i am! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and thanks a lot for reading such a long story... haha.



Hello Ilse:
Now who spent a year of your channel on you tube, I want to give you congratulations. I still remember the first time I saw one of your videos. I remember that I was bewitched by your beauty, and mad with pleasure that the video gave me. It was the wonderful «purple toes». I love your videos and it was they who brought me here. The curiosity to know the woman who was behind those magic feet. I was lucky to find your blog and meet you. A dream woman, the woman of my dreams…to honor the first year of your channel here s my top of your videos. the largest and smallest of three minutes. It was difficult to choose because I love everything you do, I know you know it! I Hope you like. Once again congratulations for your first year on you tube, and thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for your work, your art, your sweetness, your beauty, and finally your wonderful feet.

> 3 min:
1- Baby oil
2- the pose and more soles
3- Red Toes
4- Thigh High Socks
5- Dirty feet

1- Blue Queen
2- school girl
3- GypsyFeet
4- backwards pose previe
5- slipers

Your loyal servant


You are great. You are cute, smart, and take very good photos. If nothing else you could go into photography as a living (at least I think so).

Of course I’m a foot guy and I came here because of your feet. But you are endearing.

I think I might follow your other blog, feet or not… and not in a creepy way… I mean I think it’s interesting… does that make sense?
Sometimes I like to have something to read that’s actually written by somebody with a brain and not all celebrity-gossipy-airheaded-crap.

I like thoughtful, well-composed posts
and I have to say I really envy your web design skills… both this site and your other blog are really easy on the eyes to read 🙂

Anyway, I would love to leave “like” buttons pushed all over your site, but it looks like I need FB to do that (only have one, my real one),
and/or Tumblr (don’t have one),
and/or Twitter (don’t like it).
This is tough. I admire your daring in putting your name etc out there, but I’m not as bold.
I’m just some 24 year old who’s private about his foot fetish and would like to keep it that way, sorry 🙁
I do have a Gmail/Youtube foot fetish account so if there’s some way I could “like” your posts using that, I’d do it!

I understand the whole privatizing your videos and getting annoyed thing. I think it’s stupid that there are actually people out there who are so clueless and selfish that they criticize what you have and then rudely ask for more more more.
It shows both a lack of restraint on their part,
and a profound lack of understanding and empathy for all that you go through in order to create these fantabulous photosets and videos!

It’s really more than just point-and-shoot, you are doing this really artistically and it’s in high-definition… what more could someone want?

If these rude dudes are just looking for some low-quality highly-sexual foot stuff upon which to jerk off, then they ought to look elsewhere, since this is not what you do. There are plenty of other girls and other sites specializing in this stuff, they ought to shut up and go there.
Although I myself enjoy that kind of material, I would never ask you for it because you have clearly delineated what you will and will not do here.

I already know you don’t have a foot fetish yourself, and I respect that. I can only guess at how bothersome some of this stuff may be to you, if you don’t quite have that sexual connection. I do like girls with foot fetishes but they are quite rare… I’ve probably never yet met one in real life, and they are quite uncommon even in internet foot fetish material.

However, you are doing a great job so far, and if you choose to continue doing this, you have my support. Even if you choose to quit the foot stuff and concentrate on other areas of modeling, photography, writing, blogging, or whatever (but you could still do some foot stuff on the side!), I still support you, since you seem to have a great skill or at least potential in these fields.

Personally, I think your stuff has gotten better over time, in poses, teasing, costuming, lighting, and especially creativity.

Some of it is not exactly my thing, but that’s OK since I’m positive that many other people will like the sets I don’t like, and that’s another thing that makes you great… you appeal to a wide variety of people (or at least of foot guys)

I’m not gonna beg you to give me more than you have… you have already given me (and many other foot-loving, or at least cute-girl or smart-girl-loving people) way more in the way of pictures and words than some of us probably deserve. For this, I am grateful.

And I would like to sign up for your pay site as soon as I can allocate the funds 🙂 I hope it’s still here when I do.

Before I forget, I would like to honor my inner foot freak in paying homage (in case I don’t get around to doing this later):

I think you have a nice toe spread. It is pretty.

Your curled toes and wrinkled soles are incredibly cute and oftentimes sexy (you are good at this!)

Finally, your Andalusian Spree (thumbs-up) is one of the very best I’ve ever seen! You should show this off if you do any future photo sets or videos.

I really enjoyed the Mrs. Vader set and video… you have become a whiz at teasing and seemingly have learned more in a relatively few months than many others do in decades. I hope there are more to come, but even if that’s the last one, it is a doozy. The black polish is really sexy, and your toes have gotten really flexible! Also, your outfit, necklace and hair are rather fetching.

Apologies for wasting all of this space,
and wishing you well,



Initially I did not want to leave a comment but I read what you said and continues like this please,, it’s thanks to people like you that things change.
it’s not easy everyday, thank you for your commitment, thank you for everything ! From a french fan

Jim T.

Ilse, thanks for sharing in pictures the beauty you’ve been blessed with. I hope many true blessings continue to pour into your life.


I’m a long-time fan of women’s feet, and yours rank very high, little lady. Never get discouraged! There are undoubtedly thousands of guys who adore your lovely lower limbs, and your wonderful and all-too-rare modesty. Rock on, sister.


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