The Start

A lot of people always ask me how did i start posting pictures of my feet, and how did my blog start. Well, i thought it would be a good idea to explain it better here...

I started my personal blog on July, 2011, where i used to upload lots of personal pictures, many self portraits and just random things, only my pictures, i never re-blogged anything, it was just my personal little space.



Then in the beginning of September 2011, i posted this picture:

Apparently it caught the attention of a popular feet blog in Tumblr, they reblogged my picture and suddenly i started getting loads of requests for feet pictures. I was very surprised at first, i never thought my feet were anything special, it was very flattering to know so many people wanted to see my feet, so i started taking pictures with my webcam...


The quality was obviously not very good at all, but some people seemed to enjoy it. Someone then sent me a message about an Amazon wishlist, he wanted me to get one so he could send me expensive shoes for me to model for him, up until then i didn't even know those lists existed. I obviously got all excited and got one list in December, but he just never wrote back to me anymore... haha.  So, to those people who think i started doing this because of gifts, you're wrong, i never thought that was even a possibility. I was posting pictures for 5 months straight without ever receiving anything, and i still loved doing it. I received my first gift on January, i got all excited! haha. Yes, i love getting gifts, but i also love posting pictures of my feet for all of you who like them, it's a win-win for me. ;)

Also, the requests for videos came, and so i uploaded my first YouTube video on the 13th of November, 2011. :) The requests started pouring in from my Youtube channel and from my blog, requests for videos and for pictures. I was so happy and flattered to be getting this much attention.

Most of my followers seemed to really enjoy my posts, but not everyone though... I was posting all of this on my personal blog, and the rest of my followers who weren't into feet started to get annoyed by all my feet posts... So i started a blog to post my feet only., i started that blog on December, and it was well received. :)

With all of these requests, the requests for high quality pictures was heavy, i was only using my webcam and my iphone for most of my posts, so the quality was very low. So, i started saving my money and was able to buy my awesome Canon T2i, i was super excited to get a professional camera! :) My very first.

Then February came and i fell into a depression.. it seems to happen to me often. One day i was just feeling terrible, so i deleted all of my feet posts from myfeetblog, i just felt like not posting anymore. There's a lot of foot blogs on Tumblr, so i guess that the competition got to me, it was saddening that nobody would care enough to click on the like button for me. I know i make a big deal about a like button, haha. But seriously, think about it, i'm here doing all of this, it's only fair you let me know if i'm doing a good job or if you like it. Or else it's like if nobody cares and i'm just wasting my time doing something that nobody really cares for...  That's how i felt with my tumblr blog, nobody really cared about it. That's why i stopped posting there.

Apparently not many people care for like buttons, that's why i stopped using them here, or else i would get sad again, haha. I think i'd rather just pretend that hundreds of people like my posts, just to keep me happy! haha. ;)

I stopped posting on myfeetblog, but as you already know, i love posting pictures of my feet, so i started my blog here on wordpress, a new start. :) My blog is self-hosted, so i do pay for it, and that's why i had a donation button, not because i'm trying to get rich or because i'm greedy, i just thought i could use the help, but nobody is forced to use it or send me money or anything like that.

And well, here i am! :)

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and thanks a lot for reading such a long story... haha.