Strawberry Pink


This pretty picture set has 90 pictures of my pretty little feet modeling my beautiful purple sandals, wearing 2 cute toe rings and 2 sexy  anklets. 🙂

You can see my pretty feet in a pink nail polish and getting smothered with a yummy strawberry syrup, i play with the syrup then clean up my little feet and put back my jewelry and pretty sandals! 🙂

A special thanks to Steve for the beautiful sandals and jewelry and Matt for the jewelry as well, thank you guys!

 Picture Set Preview

Video Preview

The video is 12 minutes long, and here's a little preview:

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Strawberry Pink

Nail Polish Color - Hot Pink

Attire - Pink Leggings, Multi-colored Dress, Purple Sandals, 2 Toe Rings and 1 Slave Anklet.


Duration - 12:17

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-Picture Set-

Pictures - 92

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*Leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions and i will answer as soon as i can.*

 With love, ilse.

Written by ilse

Proud owner of the cutest little feet... ;)



Thank God 🙂 Hi Mrs. Vader! It is very nice to see you here again. We miss you very much. I love your style, your face, your pictures and your feet of course. Please don’t leave us again and never forget the guys who don’t have credit cards 😉 see you..


Hey Ilse, how you doing?

I don’t know if you’ll remember me, it feels like I haven’t spoken to you for ages.

I’m glad you’ve decided to do these little previews again though. You make so many people so happy. More importantly I’m glad everyone has been being nice to you to make you feel like doing it ‘cause I know that sometimes used to get you down. Hopefully everyone continues to treat you nicely; we don’t want a sad Ilse 😀

I hope everything is going well for you anyway. You look happy in your Instagram photos so I guess that’s a good sign 😉

It’s cool to see you enjoying the World Cup by the way; I swear you must be the perfect woman haha. I was cheering for Mexico on your behalf when they were playing Brazil the other day… And I guess I’ll cheer for them from now on since England are out already haha

Well, thanks again for everything. Have a nice week 😉


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