Sexiest Blue

There's nothing sexier than a tight dress, fishnets, open toe sandals and a french pedicure... And i have it all in this pretty little set... 😉

Here you'll see my pretty little feet with a really nice french pedicure, toe ring and fishnets... sexy overload! haha.

In this set i model my pretty wedges, then i take them off and show off my pretty little feet in these awesome black fishnets, trust me, you'll totally like it! 😉

This picture set has 131 pictures and the video is 10 minutes and 8 seconds long... 🙂

Here's a little preview:

Picture Set Preview



Video Preview


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Sexiest Blue

Nail Polish Color - French Pedicure.

Attire - Blue Off-Shoulders Dress, Black Fishnets, Toe Ring and Black Open Toe Wedges.


Duration - 10:08

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-Picture Set-

Pictures - 131

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*Leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions and i will answer as soon as i can.*

With love, ilse.

Written by ilse

Proud owner of the cutest little feet... ;)



i want to buy a few sets Mistress Ilse, I read they are on 50% discount, how do i purchase ? please let me know so i can take advantage of this sale and keep those sets so i can admire them everyday <3



I’m sorry i just read your message.
My sale is over but since you did write to me yesterday, i will accept it anyway, it was my fault for not reading it earlier. 😉
You just send me an Amazon Gift Card to my email:
Write in it the name of the videos or picture sets you want and i will send you the download links to your email.
Each video or picture set is $5 each.

Thank you!


The photo of your new set on twitter is a work of art, a masterpiece … congratulations !!



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