Raspberry Crush Preview

Raspberry Crush Preview Hello everyone! 🙂 Here’s a new little preview for you! 🙂 You guys chose Raspberry Crush as my new preview, i guess you missed seeing my cute little feet in action… 😉 This set is pretty cute, and… Read more »


Princess Bubblegum Preview

Princess Bubblegum Preview Hello everyone! 🙂 This week you chose Princess Bubblegum as the next preview, i really like this set, it has lots of pink! 🙂 Someone bought me this beautiful pair of pink heels, they look just like what a… Read more »


Cozy Toes Preview

Cozy Toes Preview Hello everyone! 🙂 This week you chose Cozy Toes as the next preview, and i’m glad you did because i really like this set even though it’s quite simple. 🙂 In this set you’ll see my pretty… Read more »


Slippery Toes Preview

Slippery Toes Hello everyone! Here’s my new set preview for you guys! There was a tie between Nylon Fun and Slippery Toes, so it was up to me to pick the winner. I chose Slippery toes because i’m sure it’s… Read more »


Pool Girl Preview

Pool Girl  Hello everyone! 🙂 Finally, after a whole year of not posting set previews, i’m back and happy to announce that i will be posting set previews regularly here on my site! 🙂 I’m starting with my POOL GIRL… Read more »


Fruity Toes Preview

  Fruity Toes Do you like yogurt with colorful little pieces of fruit? If so, you’ll love this little set! haha. 🙂 In this pretty set, my little toes are the little pieces of fruit, since they’re so pretty and… Read more »


Pretty Rose Preview

  Pretty Rose Something prettier than a rose? My pretty little feet with a french pedicure of course! haha. 😉 In this pretty set you’ll see me modeling my handmade barefoot sandals and my beautiful pedicure. You’ll also see me… Read more »


Sergeant Little Feet Preview

Sergeant Little Feet In this set, i’m a sergeant with pretty little feet! haha. You know you have to obey your sergeant’s orders… 😉 You’ll see me modeling my pretty heels, my fishnets, then taking them off to wiggle my… Read more »


Gentle Feet Preview

  Gentle Feet This pretty set is sweet and sexy at the same time! 🙂 My little feet look so pretty and soft with this beautiful baby blue nail polish, i’m also wearing 2 pretty toe rings and yellow sandals to… Read more »


French Maid Preview

  French Maid Wouldn’t you hire a french maid with pretty little feet who won’t clean your house but just sit around and ask you to do the cleaning…  I think you would! haha. The only dusting i do is… Read more »

  • elp

    Evening Light Preview

       Evening Light If you like sheer pantyhose, this set is for you! 🙂 This pretty set has 98 pictures of me in a beautiful green dress and heels, i’m wearing sheer pantyhose and they stay on through the whole… Read more »

  • adp

    Afternoon Delight Preview

      Afternoon Delight   This pretty picture set has 97 pictures of me trying on 3 different pairs of flip flops and then lounging on the bed. I used a beautiful purple nail polish and it looks so cute on… Read more »

  • image_4

    Strawberry Pink Preview

      Strawberry Pink   This pretty picture set has 90 pictures of my pretty little feet modeling my beautiful purple sandals, wearing 2 cute toe rings and 2 sexy  anklets. 🙂 You can see my pretty feet in a pink… Read more »