Little Paws

If i was a little bear and had little paws... haha. 😉

This is a pretty cute set, i'm dressed as a furry little bear with furry legwarmers, little hat and a super furry vest, i would've been a pretty cute bear... haha. 🙂

This set has 87 pretty pictures of my little feet looking super cute in a pink and black pedicure, i'm wearing 2 toe rings and legwarmers.

Picture Set Preview

Video Preview

The video is a 12 minutes long and here's a little preview:

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Little Paws

Nail Polish Color - Pink and Black.

Attire - Bear Costume (Furry Legwarmers, Furry Vest and Bear Hat), Toe Rings.


Duration - 12:50

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-Picture Set-

Pictures - 87

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*Leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions and i will answer as soon as i can.*

With love, ilse.

Written by ilse

Proud owner of the cutest little feet... ;)



Appreciate everything you do, soon I’ll be your customer, it’s hard to resist 🙂
Thanks for sharing


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