Chubby Bunny

If i was a bunny, i would be the chubbiest bunny ever! haha. For this pretty set i'm wearing my pretty bunny dress, and i'm showing off my chubby little feet in these beautiful flowery heels and flower toe rings, i'm sure you'll agree this is a super cute outfit. 😉

In this set and video, you'll see me modeling my pretty heels then taking them off and putting foot cream all over my chubby little feet.

I did a pretty design on my toenails, i used baby blue and then i added white little dots at the top of the nail and i did a dot design on my big toes, it came out pretty sweet. 🙂

I want to thank my friend Mike for sending me these beautiful heels, and Steve for sending me the pretty toe ring, thanks for making my look so much prettier. <3

This sweet set has 79 pictures and the video is 12 minutes and 35 secs.

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Chubby Bunny

Nail Polish Color - Light Blue with White Dots.

Attire - Light Blue Bunny Bodycon Dress, White Tights, 2 Flower Toe Rings and High Heel Sandals with pink flowers.


Duration - 12:35

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-Picture Set-

Pictures - 79

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*Leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions and i will answer as soon as i can.*

With love, ilse.

Written by ilse

Proud owner of the cutest little feet... ;)

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